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Current Research

I am concentrating on my great grandfather George Watson Theaker's generation and their descendants. Their parents were James Theaker and Elizabeth Gillatt aka Gillott or Gillett. George Watson Theaker's siblings were James, Sarah, Susannah, Mary, William, Thomas, Fanny and Elizabeth.

I keep my full tree on Ancestry these days but I will be using this site to post images and information about individuals. I will be placing a link to pages on here on their Ancestry pages.

I've tried to make the new pages tablet friendly. The plus side of tablets is that it is easy to enlarge images. Pages can be enlarged on laptops & PCs by pressing CTRL and +.

Historic Research

The old pages include information about my Theaker line and about a few other Theaker lines. These other lines have been very kindly contributed by fellow researchers. Be aware most of the historic research is at least a decade old and may have been amended by more recent discoveries. Some links and contact email addresses on the old pages may not work.

Once I have chased down George Watson's generation I intend to reorganise the older information.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at 
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Odd pieces of information 

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 National Burial Index

Latest snippets of information & data awaiting classification

Benjamin Theaker Parkin MP

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