Blackpool, Lancashire, England - 27th May 2005

Hank and Ronnie Theaker were on a visit to the UK and had stopped off in Blackpool for a ballroom dance competition and we spent a friday afternoon in their company. The time passed by so quickly that Ken and I had to dash back to the car park to feed the ticket machine.

Present were Steve (me) and my wife Sylvia, Hank and Ronnie, and my third cousin Ken with his wife Kay.

Hank's great great grandfather migrated to Canada. William Theaker married Elizabeth Starr in 1816 in North Clifton, Nottinghamshire. North Clifton is less than twenty five miles by road from Scrooby, which is where my great great grandfather was born.


Steve, Hank and Ken


Sylvia, Ronnie and Kay


All of us as a group