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 Elizabeth Gillott was born in Hatfield Woodhouse, Yorkshire.
 I think Elizabeth was one of at least six children.

What we know about Elizabeth's life and her birth family

Until I saw the marriage certificate above I believed for many years that Elizabeth was the illegitimate daughter of one Mary Gillatt as this was the only baptism that appeared to fit.

The marriage certificate has changed that because it gives a name to Elizabeth's still living father, Thomas. Also on the certificate as a witness is Henry Gillott.
Henry's marriage certificate also has Thomas Gillott as his father and it includes a William Gillott as a witness.
*Robert Smith, witness, appears on a lot of Hatfield marriage certificates.

My supposition is that Elizabeth had at least four brothers, Henry, William, John and Joseph, and a sister, Frances who was also known as Fanny. It is possible that there was also a younger brother Charles and an older brother Thomas.

I think that the illegitimate Elizabeth and her mother Mary Gillott are related somehow. Perhaps Mary was Thomas Gillott's sister?

Elizabeth may have been baptised in her mother's parish rather than the one in which she was born.

The spelling of the surname was rather fluid and the Gillotts at the time appear to have been illiterate. The spelling of Gillatt with an 'a' seems to crystallise in the second half of the 19th century.

October 2nd 1849, Henry Gillat married Caroline Hobson. Henry's brother William is one of the witnesses.
In 1851 Elizabeth was living in Scrooby with her husband James and her four oldest children.
William married Eliza Swain December 29th 1856. Witnesses were Frances Gillot and Charles Playford Davison.

Elizabeth's sister Frances Gillatt married Charles Playford Davison June 1st 1858 in Hatfield. Frances could write her name. George Batty was one of her witnesses, Batty was her mother's maiden name.

By 1861 Elizabeth's children James and Sarah were elsewhere but Thomas, Fanny and George have been added.
In 1871 Elizabeth's husband James was working elsewhere. More of her children had left home and Elizabeth, her last child had been added. Elizabeth's grandchild Gillatt Croft[s] was at the dwelling on the night of the census.
Elizabeth is on her own, a widow, in 1881.
Two of Elizabeth's grandchildren are with her in 1891. One of the visitors, John Needham, is probably the man Martha married later that decade.
Elizabeth's death was registered in the March quarter of 1898.


Additional not yet connected info which may be useful some day

Burials in Scrooby include just two persons named Gillott. The lived in Ranskill, a village near Scrooby.