Theaker War Dead

The links on this page lead to tribute pages for the Theakers that died in the Great Wars. There are a few civilian casualties included. All the information has been gleaned from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site. I acknowledge their copyright. This information is for research purposes only.

Some of the WW1 pages include extra information sent by Peter Fellowes who is a Volunteer Military Researcher who is part of a group dedicated to keeping alive the memory of those who fought in the First War. Peter's email address is


Hanson Croft

Robert William Goodway

George Ogden

Samuel Ogden

Sam Theaker (1)

 Thomas Theaker (1)

The six men named above are all grandsons or great grandsons of James Theaker and Elizabeth Gillot, as are Sam Theaker and his brother Thomas Theaker named below.

Albert Theaker (b) Alexander Theaker Alfred Theaker (6)
Ann Theaker Cyril S. Theaker (3) E.B.P. Theaker
Edward Theaker Frank Theaker 1916 Frank Theaker 1940
Frank Theaker 1944 Freda Theaker Frederick Theaker
George Theaker 1918 George Theaker 1942  Geo H. Theaker (4)
G W Theaker 1916(5) Geo Wm Theaker 1942 (8) Harold Theaker (2)
Henry (Harry?) P. Theaker Isaac Theaker  (2) Ivy Theaker 
James T. Theaker  James W. Theaker Norman Theaker (7)
Richard Theaker Robert Theaker R. B. Theaker
Sam Theaker (1) Samuel Theaker  Sam. Clifford Theaker (a)
 Thomas Theaker (1) Thomas Geo. Theaker Thomas G. Theaker 
 Thomas K. Theaker W. H. Theaker William J. Theaker 1915
William J. Theaker 1943    


1 Sam & Thomas were great uncles of Steve Theaker, UK, and therefore part of the Belton Group.
2 Harold was uncle of, and Isaac Abraham was grandfather's brother of Pauline McGregor.
3 Cyril Stanley was the grandfather of Diane Robinson & Adrian Colin Theaker and the father of Arthur Cyril Theaker.
4 George was 2nd cousin once removed of Ken Williams. George is also related to Eric Gelling.
5 George William was a great uncle of John Theaker.
6 Alfred was the husband of Ethel, father of Joan Theaker (now Fox) and grandfather of Christine McCarthy. Alfred's father had a brother called Tom. Ethel often reminds Christine that there is no man alive as good as he was. Alfred was a great uncle of Andrew Theaker.
7 Norman was Melanie Theaker's grandfather's uncle.
8 George William is the uncle of  Caroline Theaker
  The data below are my thoughts on who these men are related to - do not take them as fact!
a Samuel Clifford Theaker - A Clifford Theaker of the right age, with the right father, in the right town appears on the 1901 Census. The head of the house, Samuel Theaker was born in Belton which would make Clifford one of my relatives.
b Albert Theaker - the only Albert that fits from the 1901 Census is Albert aged 22 living with parents in Nether Hallam. The Census data states Albert was born in Sheffield and his father and a sister were born in Huddersfield.












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