The Acrobat PDF Page

Important - please read.

The pages linked from here are somewhat different to the other pages on this site. These pages are in PDF format. This is useful to me for a number of reasons which I will not go into here. 

What I must say is that these pages will only appear at your end if you have Adobe Acrobat installed - most computers do so this should not be a problem.

Some of the pages may appear to be garbage - if this happens the look for where you can magnify the image in Acrobat. The hand icon in acrobat allows you to navigate the image, as do the scroll bars.

You can print from within Acrobat though do beware that if you have had to enlarge the image past 100% then the printed image may be very poor indeed.

It may also be that you are presented with and option to download or open the file. This may mean that you have to download the file and open it in Acrobat once you have opened Acrobat manually. Please try though, do not let my caveats put you off.

If you encounter problems viewing the files from within the browser then I suggest that you "right click" on the link, the choose the "save target as...." option. This allows you to download the file so that you can view it at leisure in Acrobat and offline.

Use the BACK icon in your browser to come back here.

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