Parishes With Theakers On The IGI

Do be aware that is not a full list. The LDS people are always adding to their files. Be aware also that there may be more than one village, town, etc in the same county with the same name and that I may have lumped them together.

The way I sort the list has tended to put people into families so long as they christened all the children in the same parish. This is useful but do not rely on it.

Almondbury Alne Ancaster Appleton Askam Balderton
Barwick Bassingham Batley Beckingham Beesby Beeston
Belchford Belton Bilborough Bingley Birstall Blankney
Blyth Bole Bosford Boston Bothamsall Boultham
Bourne Bramley Brant Broughton Bridlington Quay Brotherton Brotton
Broughton Silney Burringham Burton upon Stather      

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