Thelma Theaker's Remembrance Book

The images below are from a Remembrance Book in my possession, but which was formerly in the possession of Thelma Theaker.

The book was published 1908 so some of the early entries were made long after the event.

I have transcribed the pages to the best of my ability but I do stand to be corrected.

Transcription in progress below. Entries in [ ] are mine.




Name Died Remarks Where Buried Steve's notes
Elizabeth Theaker Scrooby In Peace Scrooby nee Gillatt  wife of James Theaker
James Theaker Scrooby   Scrooby born abt 1823 
James Theaker Wombwell In Peace Wombwell son of James & Eliz. above
Mary Palmer London March 5 1901 London dau of James & Eliz. above
Susannah Seales Rotherham   Rotherham dau of James & Eliz. above
W. Lillford
Hasthorpe [Hexthorpe]   Balby son in law of James & Eliz. husb. of Fanny
S. Ogden Rossington Suddenly Rossington Samuel or Sarah nee Theaker?
H. Croft
France [incorrect died Israel] Killed in action France [incorrect buried Israel] Son of Gillot and Annie Croft
George Ogden Gallipoli Killed in action Gallipoli Son of Samuel & Sarah Ogden. Grandson of James & Eliz.
Thomas Theaker May 7th 1917 Killed in action France Son of George Watson Theaker, grandson of James & Eliz.
Annie Theaker Stonehouse   Stonehouse Probably Annie Kirchen, wife of William Theaker.
Robert Goodway   Killed in action France Great grandson of James & Eliz

Roy or Ray or Rog Foster

18 Oct 1919 Scrooby This one has me beat.
Fanny Lillford 16 Feb 1927
poss. 1921
In Peace  
William Theaker     Hipsley, Ridditch [Redditch]  
M M Parkin
[Mabel May Theaker]
July 9 1932     One of William Theaker's daughters
George William Needham November 8 1945     Son of John Needham and Martha E. Ogden