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I shall , in the near future, update this page with new addresses. If you are having problems reaching anyone on here let me know and I will forward you message to them.
On this page you will find the email addresses of persons who are interested in locating members, living or dead, of the Theaker family. Only those who have given me permission to do so will appear here. 

Write now before you forget! 

If you wish to have your address removed then please say so and I will act on receiving your email. 

Ron Theaker is researching his family line in Sheffield. He is stuck two generations back.
Rachel Theaker - Rachel is hopeful that some day she will find the descendants of Walter's brothers and sisters - William, Rachel, Alfred, Frederick, Charles and Sarah.

Tony with his influential friends!  Pauline McGregor is researching the Hinderwell - Staithes Theakers.  Sue & Richard Theaker are looking at Theakers around Sheffield. They are just starting out. 

Richard Theaker of Ontario, Canada  Charles Theaker - family traced back to Brandon, Lincs. Brandon is very close to Leadenham! Helen is the daughter of Charles above.

and follow this link to a page on my site that I have dedicated to the Chard branch.

John & Kim Theaker are looking for other Theakers to get in touch. They are looking for their ancestry which originated with William Theaker of Gringley On The Hill, Notts. in 1753 before his son Thomas later settled in Chard, Somerset Steve Barley is looking for information about Elizabeth Theaker and her marriage to Robert Armstrong, possibly in the Retford area. They had a daughter Elizabeth Ann Armstrong.  Graham Caldwell - part of the Chard group. 

Lewis & June Bright - part of the Chard group. Shirley Lyster looking for for information on ISAAC PAGE who married MARY ELIZABETH THEAKER, daughter of John and Hannah,  baptised December 17, 1838 in Hinderwell, Yorkshire and married to Isaac on October 14, 1866 in Hinderwell, Yorkshire. The first real live relative that I have found - a fifth cousin no less!  Barbara is part of the Leadenham group of Theakers. Info on Merseyside. Warrington and Salford Theakers.  Part of the Leadenham group.  Part of the Leadenham group. Pam Burgess's great grandfather was Herbert Theaker from Woolwich and her grandfather was Herbert Thomas Scholey Theaker of Alford, Lincolnshire and later in Brighton
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