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Sarah Theaker was born in Crowle, Lincs., in 1846.
Sarah was the second of nine children.

Sarah's children

Martha Elizabeth Ogden

Mary Ogden

James Ogden

Sarah Ogden

Jane Ogden

George Ogden

Susannah Ogden - Jane Ogden - Annie Ogden

Samuel Ogden


What we know about Sarah's life

Sarah was born in Crowle Lincs., but baptised in Scrooby, Notts.
Sarah on the 1851 census
Sarah was the lone house servant age 14 in 1861 in the home of George Hopkinson in Tickhill, Yorkshire
Sarah married Samuel Ogden in 1867

Sarah in 1871, married with children and mother in law
In 1881, note that Sarah's mother in law has aged 13 years and Samuel has aged 12 years in the last decade!
In June Sarah was blessed with triplets, sadly none of the babies survived more than a few weeks.
Sarah in 1891, her husband's age is now back on track. Also in the house is a grandchild.
1901 and Samuel snr's age has jumped again. A different grandchild is in the house on census night.
By 1911 Sarah's youngest child has his bride with him. Her husband's age is consistent with the previous census but not with some of the others. Note Sarah had eleven live births of which six were still living.
Sarah's husband Samuel died in 1911, a few months after the census.
Sarah died in 1920 age 74.