George Watson Theaker -> James Theaker
George Watson Theaker was born in Scrooby, Notts., 4th September 1859.
George was the eighth of nine children.

George's children

Elizabeth Theaker
James Theaker
Mary Ann Theaker
William Watson Theaker
Thomas Theaker
George Theaker
Annie Theaker
Sam Theaker
Joseph Theaker

What we know about George's life

George Watson Theaker was born 4th September 1859 and registered 22nd September. His middle name, Watson, appears a number of times in George's dad's and his uncle's lines. Watson was the maiden name of George's paternal grandmother.
George was baptised a week after he was born.
George appears on the 1861 census living in Scrooby.
In 1871 George's nephew Gillatt Croft is in the house. James, George's father is elsewhere working as a groom.
On March 7, not long before the census George married Caroline Ann Horne.
For some reason, possibly an enumerator error, a newly married George appears as James on the 1881 census.
Caroline Ann's age jumps on the 1901 census. I do wonder whether the enumerator misread 43 for 48.
Caroline filled out the 1911 census and spelled her name Carriline. Also in the dwelling is one of their daughter Mary Ann's children, Lizzie.
Caroline, George's wife, died May 27th May 1937.


Burton Observer and Chronicle Thursday 03 June 1937


The late Mrs. Theaker, Coton Park.

The funeral of Mrs. Caroline Ann Theaker, wife of Mr. G. W. Theaker, of 78, Coton Park, who passed away on Thursday, took place at Christ Church on Saturday afternoon. Deceased, who had been in failing health for some time, was 79 years of age, and had lived in Coton Park for four years. The Rev. W. E. Dyer (curate) officiated throughout. The mourners were Mr. G. W. Theaker (husband), Mr. W. W. Theaker, Leeds (son), Mrs. E. Darlington, Knutsford (sister), Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross, Coton Park (son-in-law and daughter) and Mrs. J. Potter, Coton Park (granddaughter). The floral tributes were from Husband and family; Sister Julia; Mrs. Potter and family; Mrs. Summers and family and Mrs. Wilby and family; and Dora, Walter and Jackie (grandchildren).

George was in hospital at the time of the 1939 Register. The day and month given as his date of birth are actually those of his baptism. The year given is wrong, George was actually born 1859.
George Watson Theaker was buried July 20th 1940