Elizabeth Theaker was born in Scrooby, Notts., 6th October 1861
She was the ninth of nine children.
Elizabeth does not appear to have borne children.
Elizabeth's birth.
Elizabeth in 1871 in Scrooby age 9. Also in the house is her mother Elizabeth, her sister Fanny, her brother George and her cousin Gillat Croft.
In 1881 Elizabeth appears to be a parlour maid in Scarborough.
Elizabeth was a domestic waiting maid on the 1891 census. Note Sarah E Palmer, also at the property, is likely to be the daughter of her sister Mary.
Elizabeth married Thomas Dunstan in 1899 which was the year after her mother's death. Her brother William was a groom on an estate around Studley, Warwicks. William and one of his daughters are the witnesses.
Elizabeth on the 1901 census with her husband Thomas Dunstan
Elizabeth on the 1911 census with her husband Thomas Dunstan
By 1939 Elizabeth was a widow.
Elizabeth died 3rd August 1950
Elizabeth's will differs in some details from the information I received many years ago. Obviously the will itself is the correct information
Will & probate images courtesy T. Gore.
Elizabeth left an estate worth 3358 18s 10d.

Monies were divided amongst the following eight persons.
The legatees were nephews & nieces, or spouses of same, of Elizabeth i.e. from the families of her siblings Fanny, Mary, Sarah, James & George.

Miss Edith Hardiman Daughter of James Theaker 348 16s 8d
Mrs Laurie Theaker Widow of James Theaker 348 16s 8d
Mr. William Lillford Son of Fanny Theaker 348 16s 8d
Mr. George Palmer Descendant of Mary Theaker 348 16s 8d
Mr. Walter Lillford Son of Fanny Theaker 348 16s 8d
Miss Edith A Needham Widow of George William Needham who was a grandson of Sarah Theaker 348 16s 8d
Mrs. Elizabeth Darlington Eldest daughter of George Watson Theaker. 348 16s 8d
Mrs. Emily Ogden Widow of Samuel Ogden who was a daughter of Sarah Theaker 348 16s 8d
The three images below are courtesy of the late Douglas Theaker
The next image is courtesy of Tony Gore and perhaps represents an interim payment.