Why Am I Looking?


A number of reasons!

Some ten years or so ago we started looking at my dear wife's mother's family. We had significant help from my father and we were very lucky in that the Horsfall family stopped in Denholme for many generations. This started my father looking into our name, Theaker. Things have kind of snowballed from there.

There are occasional problems of course in this kind of research not the least being person being unwilling to reveal anything they consider a family secret, this of course makes one more interested in digging deeper.

There is much information now available on the internet so much research can be done without leaving home. Only recently we have found a number of unknown family members as a result of internet research. We have also pushed back the family some 9 generations as a result of a kind gent from Lincolnshire sharing the research he had done on his wife's family, we had a common ancestor.

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