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The files linked to this page were created from information that was very kindly sent to me by Ken Theaker of British Columbia, Canada. Ken is descended from James Theaker, born Notts. in 1818. James' parents were William and Elizabeth. The research was done some years ago by the late Gordon Allison. Ken is adamant that the full credit goes to Gordon, therefore these pages are dedicated to Mr. Gordon Allison.

Foreword by Ken Theaker

My name is Ken Theaker and I am one of the descendants of James Theaker, born in the Nottingham area of England in 1818 and his wife Ann Cartwright, born in Ontario, Canada. My Wife Marian and I live in Victoria, B.C. Canada and are both retired. We have three children...Shelly Marie (Mrs. Randi Ryborg), who lives in North Vancouver, Deborah Lynn, who lives in West Hollywood, California and Kent William who lives in Toronto.

In about late 1974 or 1975, Gordon Allison of Hamilton, Ontario, came to visit my wife and myself in Saskatchewan. He informed me that he was a distant cousin of mine and was doing a family history of the Theaker family in Canada and asked for my assistance in finding out about the Theakers living in Saskatchewan. It was because of Gordon's effort that I found out that I had many relatives I didn't even know about. Gordon, was a single man and a retired school he had the time to devote to research and travel, in doing a family history.

In November of 1976, Gordon came out with a family history, and provided copies to all of the family members. Unfortunately, Gordon passed away in February of 1998, but I am sure he would have wanted, his work in family genealogy carried on. Gordon and I visited back and forth over the years. Certainly credit for a job well done goes to him.

I happened to see Steve Theaker's web page and was surprised to learn that there are many, many more Theakers in the world.

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