THEAKER John Bach 25, Drayman, Durrant Road Thomas Theaker, Lab BROWNLOW Charlotte spin 19, Devonshire Street Thomas BROWNLOW, Carter Wits: Charles Worthington Kate Cooper 03.08.1879


There is a family of Theakers in Chesterfield in 1881, living on Spa Lane. > They are John, 27y, brewery drayman,born Eaton Nottingham, his wife Charlotte, 21y, born South Mussleham, Nottingham and dau. Annie Elizabeth 1y, born Chesterfield >




Keighley to Connecticut

On the 4th July 1903 Samuel Theaker sailed from Liverpool, England. Samuel sailed on the Etruria. On the 11th July 1903 Samuel passed through the controls at Ellis Island. He was a single man aged 20 years and 2 months from Keighley, West Yorkshire (transcribed Keighly). Samuel had $110 in his possession and was heading for Nangatuck, CT., to the home of his uncle, J. Brownlow of 98 (D?)elbourne Hill, Nangatuck, Ct., who paid for Samuel's passage. Samuel had, according to the passenger manifest, never been in prison, almshouse or institution for the insane, he was not a polygamist or anarchist, was in good health and not deformed or crippled in any way.


On the 11th July Samuel boarded the Carpathia in Liverpool. On the 21th July 1905 Samuel passed through the controls at Ellis Island. He was a single man aged 22 years, a machinist, from Keighley, West Yorkshire (transcribed Neighley).  Also aboard the Carpathia was Elizabeth Broadley also of Keighley. Elizabeth, a shoemaker, was aged 20. They appear to have had $500 each. Already in Nangatuck was it appears, Hannah Broadley, Elizabeth's sister.

Samuel   England, English  Keighly  July 11, 1903  20y 2m  M  S  Etruria  Liverpool, England, UK
Samuel   English  Neighley  July 21, 1905  22y  M  S  Carpathia  Liverpool, England, UK

On the 28th September 1908 Wilfred Theaker was born to Samuel and Elizabeth Theaker (formerly Broadley). Wilfred was born at 64 Victoria Road, Keighley. (This address is less than 300 yards from where I am designing this page! ) Samuel was a machine tool maker by trade. There is no trace of their marriage in the Keighley Register Office.

On the 16th August Samuel, Elizabeth and Wilfred passed through Ellis Island. Samuel was 26 years and 2 months old. The family sailed on the Arabic, a ship of the White Star Line. Sailing with the family was Hannah Broadley, 58, a widow. Uncle William Pearson of 64 Victoria Road, Keighley is given as Hannah's nearest living relative in England. This is where Wilfred was born. Uncle William Brownlow of 46 Fell Lane, Keighley is given as the couple nearest relative in England. The four passengers were heading for their home, 107 Hill Street, Nangatuck. Samuel had a tattoo on his left arm. Hannah and Elizabeth were born in Keighley. Samuel was born in Chesterfield.

Samuel's parents were:

Wife: Charlotte BROWNLOW 
Marriage Date: 3 Aug 1879 Recorded in: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Husband's Father: Thomas THEAKER
Wife's Father: Thomas BROWNLOW

Samuel had at least two siblings:
Annie Elizabeth christened 15 Jan 1880 in Chesterfield
John Thomas christened 28 April 1881 in Chesterfield

Elizabeth   British, English  Keighley, England  August 16, 1909  23y 10m  F  M  Arabic
Samuel   British, English  Keighley, England  August 16, 1909  26y 2m  M  M  Arabic
Wilfred   British, English  Keighley, England  August 16, 1909  9m  M  S  Arabic


Descendants of Thomas Theaker

Generation No. 1


1. Thomas1 Theaker


Child of Thomas Theaker is:

+ 2 i. John2 Theaker, born Abt. 1854 in Eaton, Notts..


Generation No. 2


2. John2 Theaker (Thomas1) was born Abt. 1854 in Eaton, Notts.. He married Charlotte Brownlow 8 March 1879 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She was born Abt. 1860.


Children of John Theaker and Charlotte Brownlow are:

3 i. Annie Elizabeth3 Theaker, born Abt. 1880.

4 ii. John Thomas Theaker, born Abt. 1881.

+ 5 iii. Samuel Theaker, born Abt. 1883 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire; died Abt. 1919 in Bristol, Connecticut.


Generation No. 3


5. Samuel3 Theaker (John2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1883 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and died Abt. 1919 in Bristol, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth Broadley.


Child of Samuel Theaker and Elizabeth Broadley is:

+ 6 i. Wilfred4 Theaker, born 28 September 1908 in Keighley, W. Yorkshire.


Generation No. 4


6. Wilfred4 Theaker (Samuel3, John2, Thomas1) was born 28 September 1908 in Keighley, W. Yorkshire.


Children of Wilfred Theaker are:

+ 7 i. William Samuel5 Theaker, born 16 February 1944.

+ 8 ii. Stephen Broadley Theaker, born 8 October 1952.


Generation No. 5


7. William Samuel5 Theaker (Wilfred4, Samuel3, John2, Thomas1) was born 16 February 1944. He married Victoria Marie Colonna 7 September 1974.


Children of William Theaker and Victoria Colonna are:

9 i. Patrick David6 Theaker, born 9 December 1974 in Kaiser Hospital, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

+ 10 ii. Lisa Marie Theaker, born 18 June 1977 in Kaiser Hospital, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.


8. Stephen Broadley5 Theaker (Wilfred4, Samuel3, John2, Thomas1) was born 8 October 1952.


Child of Stephen Broadley Theaker is:

11 i. William6 Theaker, born Abt. 1991.


Generation No. 6


10. Lisa Marie6 Theaker (William Samuel5, Wilfred4, Samuel3, John2, Thomas1) was born 18 June 1977 in Kaiser Hospital, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. She married Gregg Carmichael 22 May 1999.


Child of Lisa Theaker and Gregg Carmichael is:

12 i. Kaitlyn7 Carmichael, born 6 August 1994.


The Arabic

As an aside, the Arabic was used to transport home the body of the band leader of the Titanic. He was found some two weeks after the tragedy. He came from Colne, Lancashire, a town about 16 miles from Keighley.

The Arabic (II) was built in 1902, Harland & Wolff Ltd. in Belfast. She had a tonnage of 15,801 tons gross, 14,368 under deck and 10,062 net. Dimensions: 600.7 feet long, 65.5 foot beam and holds 47.6 feet deep. She had one funnel, four masts, 4 decks and was fitted with electric light and refrigerating machinery. She had twin screw and a quadruple expansion engine with 8 cylinders of 30, 43, 63 & 89 inches diameter each pair and stroke 60 inches. The engine delivered 1,228 nominal horsepower which gave the ship s speed of 16 knots. The engine was built by Harland & Wolff

She was laid down as the MINNEWASKA for the Atlantic Transport Line. She was taken over by White Star Line while building and was launched as the ARABIC on 18th Dec.1902. Her maiden voyage started on 26th June 1903 when she left Liverpool for New York. On 14th Apr.1905 she commenced her first Liverpool - Boston voyage and on 20th June 1907 resumed Liverpool - New York sailings. She returned to the Liverpool - Boston route on 1st Aug.1911 and in 1913 her 1st class accommodation was reclassified as 2nd class. Resumed Liverpool - New York voyages on 23rd Dec.1914 and on 19th Aug.1915 was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U.24, while off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland with the loss of 44 lives. Call sign: VCNQ. Official registration #: 118023

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