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Samuels children


Samuel Henry Ruff Ogden

Gladys Mary Ogden

Samuel Ogden was born 1st December 1888 in Rossington, Yorkshire to Samuel Ogden and Sarah Theaker
His birth was recorded in Q4 1888.
Samuel was the tenth of ten children.
*On the 1911 census his parents are recorded as having had eleven live births, 6 six living and 5 not. I can only find 4 of those 5.
Samuel was baptised 31st March 1889
Samuel in the 1891 census.
Samuel in the 1901 census
Samuel married Emily Ruff in Rossington 9th July 1910
*Emily's sister Sue married Samuel's 1st cousin William Lillford
Samuel on the 1911 census with his bride and his parents.
Samuel was in the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants.
*Note that the date of 8.2.20 and his age of 22 are a mismatch. It looks all entries in red were all added at his death.
Emily c.1928
In September 1939 Samuel was living at Beresford, West Parade, Spalding
On the 14th June 1943 Samuel was killed as a result of enemy action. He was killed whilst carrying out duty of Bomb Reconnaissance Officer for railway.

Tony Gore recalls "My grandmother told me that the night my grandfather died he was clearing the railway line of unexploded butterfly bombs when an eighteen year soldier on leave tripped over one and blew them both up. I donít think I have seen that written anywhere."

Background info.
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There had been an early morning bombing raid on the day Samuel was killed. The Germans had used a new insidious anti-personnel device called a butterfly bomb.
Link to GrimsbyLive article.

Well over a year after the attack the Daily Mirror published this article.

Letter of condolence from LNER
Letter of condolence from Grimsby Town Hall
Letter of condolence from William & Sue Lillford, cousin & sister in law respectively.
Invitation to a memorial service for those in the town who recently died as a result of enemy action.