James Ogden -> Sarah Theaker -> James Theaker
James Ogden was born in Rossington, Yorkshire to Samuel Ogden and Sarah Theaker
His birth was recorded in Q2 1871.
James was the third of ten children.
*On the 1911 census his parents are recorded as having had eleven live births, 6 six living and 5 not. I can only find 4 of those 5.

James' children


Lizzie Ogden
1901 - 1901

Pattie Primrose Ogden
1903- 1977


What we know about James' life

Sarah was pregnant at the time of the 1871 census so James just missed being on it. James was baptised June 25th 1871 in Rossington.
James is on the 1881 census along with his sister Mary, his parents and his paternal grandmother.

I believe James was a lodger in Doncaster when the 1891 census was taken.


In mid 1900 James Ogden married Elizabeth Monks.


By 1901 it appears that James has married the widow of one Arthur Monks (died 1895) and has acquired some step-children.


James' first child was Lizzie. Her birth and her death appear in the June quarter of 1901 so her mother must have been pregnant at the time of the census.


In 1903 their second child, Pattie Primrose was born.


The mother's maiden name on both children's record was King which fits with details of her previous marriage and her other children.


James and Elizabeth are still together in 1911. James' brother George, now out of the army, is also in the dwelling.

The prime candidate for James' wife Elizabeth's death is Ogden Elizabeth A, age 72, March quarter 1934, Doncaster 9c 985. Her initial A is not something I have come across in relation to her before.
Despite some other researchers believing James died in Wakefield some years earlier I think this is him in 1939, a widower living alone. Note the railway link to the 1911 census.
I believe James died in 1955. His age and location fit. I may be proved wrong.