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 James Theaker was born 1883 in Bawtry, Yorkshire.
 James was the second of nine children.

What we know about James' life

James' birth was registered in the final quarter of 1883.
James is seven years old at the time of the 1891 census. The family are living in Methley.
In 1901 James is with his parents and some of his siblings living in Great and Little Preston, Yorkshire.

James joined the militia in August 1901.


James followed his militia service with the regular army before the year was out. He spent some time deployed in Bermuda


In 1911 James was boarding at the dwelling of his soon to be in-laws. His wife to be was also on the census return.

James married Johannah Renowden July 27th 1912.
James' wife, Johannah Theaker nee Renowden died not long after they married. Her death was registered in the first quarter of 1914.
I think James remarried quite quickly to one Mary Alice Shipley. I did wonder whether there might have been a child from his marriage to Johannah but cannot find one. I'm almost certain that I have a copy of the Theaker - Shipley marriage because I know Mary's address at the time of her marriage and her father's name.

The next record I have is the 1939 Register. James' date of birth on it is wrong. Month and day fit well enough but the year is wrong. James was born 1883 but the 1939 Register says 1881. There is however no record of a James Theaker who would match the the 1881 date. My working hypothesis is that I have the correct James and Mary.


I think the image below shows James Theaker and Mary Alice nee Shipley in Castleford in 1939.


James died November 17th 1964. He was 81.
*Freebmd has his age transcribed as 91. The original index states 81.


Mary died June 6th 1965