The Theaker Groups

Whilst there are probably a lot of Theakers in the world not many of us are lucky enough to meet any of the others, apart from family that is. The Internet is a great medium for promoting contact and I have been lucky enough to have a good number get in touch. I thought it was time to have a page showing how my contacts fit together. All their email addresses are on my contact page. They all welcome new contacts and they are all a very friendly lot. We all welcome questions about our family history and especially welcome information from others.

Note to any I have missed off - get in touch and put me right so that I can add you.

Note to any other groups - get in touch and I will add your group.

The Belton Group
Stephen Theaker - me.
William Alexander Theaker - my father.
Graham Theaker - distantly related, a 4th cousin.
Alf Gilliver - we are related through Alf's late wife, a 4th cousin once removed.
Diane Shaw - a second cousin.
Douglas Theaker - a second cousin once removed.
Ken Theaker - Douglas' nephew
Thelma Bladen
Florence Brown
Jo Foots

All above definitely related to me - below almost certainly but not proven.

Vicki Theaker
Philip Theaker


The Somerset/Chard Group
June and Lewis Bright
Graham Caldwell
John and Kim Theaker
Valerie Latimer
Dave Theaker

The Leadenham and Liverpool Group
Eric Gelling
Ken Williams
Mona Timmis
Barbara Theaker
Rachel Theaker
Pam Burgess

The Staithes/Hinderwell Group
Pauline McGregor


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