Belton Theakers

The line from which I descend has been traced back to Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. Since setting up the Theaker website I have been lucky enough to find others from the same line. It may be more correct to say that they found me.

Alf Gilliver was the first to get in touch. Alf's late wife was descended from one of the sons of James Theaker and Susannah Dale, I am descended from another of their sons. Alf had done a lot of research into his wife's line and he very kindly sent me details of that line.

Graham Theaker was next to get in touch. The closest common ancestor of Graham and myself is Thomas Theaker, son of James Theaker and Susannah Dale. Thomas married Sarah Watson and had two sons. Graham is descended from William and I am descended from the second son, James. I knew of the existence of William but could find no further references to him until Graham got in touch. Graham also had a copy of Williams Death Certificate. This confirmed Watson as Sarah's maiden surname. Graham kindly sent me copies of this and other material for which I am grateful.

Philip Theaker was next to get in contact. Using the information provided by Alf Gilliver and Philip I found that we connected through two of the sons of Thomas Theaker and Mary Halken, James (of James & Susannah above) & Samuel. Philip very kindly sent me the details of his line, gleaned from a couple of old family bibles

Diane Leary got in touch around Xmas 2001. We share a common great grandfather - George Watson Theaker. Diane's grandmother was Mary Ann Theaker. Diane has given us a lot of information on Mary Ann's descendants and also information on Mary Ann's siblings.

Feb & April 2002. Douglas Theaker rang one evening after he had done some detective work to find my phone number. Douglas is descended from my great grandfather's eldest brother. I have now met Douglas, his wife was kind enough to host a gathering of the Theakers at their home. At this meeting I met Thelma Bladen, Ken Theaker and his wife, Kay, James Theaker and his wife Margaret together with their three children, James, Paul and Sarah, and Ken and James' mother. What a great day! Douglas gave me, amongst other things, a photograph of my great, great grandmother - Elizabeth Gillatt who was born around 1819. 

October 2002 and I have just printed off updated sheets for a visit to Thelma to meet the Doug, James, Ken and families when I get an email from yet another descendant of James and Elizabeth - Stephen Price.

There was another person who contacted me some time ago but at the time we thought that there was not a connection and we lost touch but on checking Alf's information I have since found a connection.

I have received information that casts grave doubts on the connection between James Theaker and the parents attributed to him, ie Thomas Theaker and Mary Halken. I have therefore decided to split the Belton tree into two parts- one is the line from James and the other has the rest of the Belton Theakers.


Descendants of James Theaker and Susannah Dale

Steve's tree from James and Susannah

Family Sheets

Steve's genealogy report from James and Susannah

Newspaper report about an assault on James Theaker (b. 1845)

A Voyage To Queensland


Additional information from Graham Theaker

William Theaker's Death Certificate

Extract of Graham's Tree - Pinning Theaker





Pictures of Elizabeth Gillatt and some of her children
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The Rest of the Belton Theakers

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