Theakers in the Arts


There are some Theakers involved in the Arts. This page is about them.

First and foremost must be our talented daughter Lisa, this smacks of nepotism I agree but there you go! Lisa gained an unconditional place at University in 2002 to study Art. Lisa has sold some of her paintings and has also taken on commissions. We are very proud of her. You can see some of her work on her website - .

At the time of writing this paragraph it is almost my eldest sons birthday so I have decided to grant him his greatest wish and include him on this page. Stephen William Theaker is a published author. Stephen's books, Professor Challenger in Space and Quiet, The Tin Can Brains Are Hunting, are available from and you can read about him and his publishing house on .

There is a musician called Roy Theaker who plays in the orchestra of the Lion King in London, and who is the deputy conductor. (Source: Charles Theaker)

There are two plays House and Garden by Alan Ayckbourne. They are designed to run simultaneously in two adjacent theatres. Part of the story of House involves a plot to replace the sitting Member of Parliament, because he is useless and has become a liability. His name is Colin Theaker! (Source: Charles Theaker)

There is a an actress in Hollywood called Deborah Theaker. She has a following on the web because of her role in a series called Maniac Mansion. (Source: Yahoo Search Engine)

Drachen Theaker played drums on The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown way back in the 60s. (Source: Yahoo)

Ken Theaker in Canada has published a book based on his life as a mortician, with help from his son Kent. The book is very good, I recommend it.

Celia Rees, a best selling writer of books for teenagers is a 3rd cousin of yours truly. Celia's books can be found on Amazon as well as in good bookshops.


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